Aloo Pepper Gobhi

Aloo Pepper Gobhi

Aloo Pepper Gobhi

Preparation Time: 30 min
Cook Time: 30 min
Total Time: 1 hr 

Recipe type:Vegetarian Recipe
Cuisine: Indian

Serves: 2-3


• Gobhi-1/2kg(cut into big peices)
• Potato-3-4 medium sized
• Black pepper powder-2-1/2tsp
• Salt-as per taste
• Adarak/ginger-1/2inch chopped
• Onion-1 chopped
• Sarson/mustard oil-2tbsp
• Panch phoran-1tsp
• Tez patta-2


1)Pour oil in a kadai ,give a tadka of panch phoran and tez patta.
2)Add Gobhi& Aloo into it,cook it for few minutes close the lid of kadai.
3)Add blackpepper powder,onion,ginger paste nad salt to it.Let it cook for around ½ an hour
4)when it is done take it out and serve hot with rice or roti whatever you like

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