Instant Kalakand

Kalakand is one of the most popular Indian sweet

Instant Kalakand

Kalakand is one of the most popular Indian sweet which is made using milk.It is also popular in Pakistan. The best thing is that it’s easy to make, is tasty and not too filling like most desserts. 

Servings: 10 pieces
Calories: 39 kcal
Prep time :2 min
Cook time:8 min
Total time:10 min

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1½ cups grated Paneer (approx. 200 grams)

(or 1 liter milk and 1tbsp lemon juice)
200 ml Condensed Milk (1/2 tin) (3/4 cup)
1/4 teaspoon Green Cardamom Powder
5-7 Pistachios, finely chopped, for garnishing
Ghee, for greasing the pan


1)Start by taking 1 litre milk in a pan. Put it to boil.
2)Now,switch off the flame. Add in the lemon juice till the milk starts to curdle.
3)Using a strainer, drain the liquid and keep the solid part/paneer aside.

Instant Kalakand

Instant Kalakand

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Instant Kalakand


Instant Kalakand


4)Add paneer and condensed milk in a heavy based kadai/pan. Mix well using a spoon.
5)Heat the mixture over low flame. Stir continuously and cook until it turns thicker.
6)As you stir and cook, mixture will start to stick on the sides of the pan as seen in the photo. It will take around 4-7 minutes to cook the mixture.
7)Add 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder.Mix well and turn off the flame.
8)Transfer mixture to greased plate. Shake it gently to evenly spread the mixture. Level the mixture with a spatula.
9)Sprinkle dry fruits over it and gently press them with a spatula.
10)Let it cool down to room temperature. Cover and place it in the refrigerator for 2 hours to set.
Remove it from the refrigerator and cut into small pieces.
11)Gently remove the pieces and transfer them to a serving plate. Serve and enjoy.

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