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About Me



   “Jaisa ki kehtey hai na DIL ka rasta sidhey pet se Jata hai”~

“The Way to Someone’s Heart is Through Their Stomach”

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”-George Bernard

I belongs to a traditional Indian family. Since,my childhood I have been brought up in an environment where food always comes first and cooking from scratch(fresh ingredients) was our daily life routine.

Through this blog, I want to share my learning which was given to me by my mom & family during my upbringing.This food blog is an attempt to share my passion with others and learn something new in the process of sharing it. Since , I started this website, not only I have learned a lot about cooking that I thought I knew already, but also I got in the new realm of blogging.

The recipes in this blog are all tried and tested by my lovely family.. Only after their approval, i post it on my blog.I am highly thankful to my husband and my son for always be my-side on this.


I hope you will like this simple food blog with many traditional Indian recipes. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. If you don’t want to miss any recipe, please like my facebook page.

Also,you can buy my cookbook from amazon kindle store “Hindustanisakhisaheli: A Step-by-Step Guide to Authentic Easy Indian Recipes” and – Hindustanisakhisaheli: Healthy and easy step-by-step recipes with photos. 20 best Non-Vegetarian Indian recipes (it has book versions digital and paperback)

This is an honest attempt to popularize not only Indian cuisine but also other world’s cuisines by the easiest means for all food lovers.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-just good food from fresh ingredients”-Julia Child 

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