This is a popular street food of India . Aloo tikki chaat is irresistable. It is full of flavours sweet, tangy, hot and spicy.

The Best Aloo Tikki Chaat

The Best Aloo Tikki Chaat This is a popular street food of India . Aloo tikki chaat is irresistible. It is full of flavors sweet, tangy, hot and spicy. PREP TIME:10 MINUTES  COOK TIME:20 MINUTES  TOTAL TIME:30 MINUTES  SERVINGS:3 SERVINGS Ingredients FOR ALOO TIKKI: 3 boiled potato, peeled & mashed 1 tsp red chilli powder 1 tsp turmeric powder 2 tbsp corn flour ½ tsp garam masala ½ tsp pani puru … Continue reading The Best Aloo Tikki Chaat

Easy Idli Chaat

Easy Idli Chaat Easy Idli chaat recipe you can prepare from leftover Idli’s and enjoy in your snack time or serve in potlucks. Cuisine: IndianCourse: SnackDiet: Vegetarian Prep time:20 MinCooks time:2 MinTotal time:22 Min Ingredients 10 Idli , already or left over1 tbsp Cooking oil1 finely chopped Onion1/2 cup Curd (Yogurt)1/2 cup Green Chutney 1/2 cup Sweet Chutney (Date & Tamarind)1/2 cup Sev(optional)1 tbsp chopped Coriander (Cilantro)1/2 tsp Black Salt1 tsp Chaat Masala Powder1 Lemon … Continue reading Easy Idli Chaat

Tandoori Chicken-Restaurant style

Tandoori Chicken-Restaurant style Want to make Tandoori chicken restaurant style.Follow the recipe and you will be amazed with the outcome. TOTAL TIME: 1hr 10minsSERVES: 4YIELD: 12 pcs chicken Ingredients FOR THE MARINADE:Plain yogurt-2TBSPLemon juice-1TBSP Spices:Crushed black pepper-1tspGround cinnamon-1tspCumin powder-1 tspCrushed ginger-1tspSalt-as per tasteFinely minced garlic-1TBSPGaram masala-1TBSPGhee/clarified butter-1TBSPOil spray Chicken -12pieces drumsticks,Chopped onion-1Cut lemon-to garnishChopped onion-1Cut lemon-to garnishCilantro-to garnish,Chopped onion-1Cut lemon-to garnishChopped onion-1Cut lemon-to garnish,Cilantro-to garnish Instructions Take a bowl,mix yogurt … Continue reading Tandoori Chicken-Restaurant style

Easy Malai Peda Recipe

Easy Malai Peda Recipe Do you want to make easy, quick ,delicious and traditional dessert easy malai Peda for Rakhshabandhan festival or any other upcoming festival, then let get ready with easily available ingredients listed below.Also, you don’t even need any reason to make this sweet, so let’s get rolling 🙂 Ingredients 2 cups Ricotta Cheese 1 cup Milk mawa powder 1 cup sweetened condensed milk Instructions First add ricotta cheese in to … Continue reading Easy Malai Peda Recipe

Make Pure Desi Ghee at home

Make Pure Desi Ghee at home Ghee is the most important ingredient for food preparation in India.It is not only used for food but also for various traditional purposes like during worship etc.Below are some very easy to follow and my recommended steps to make fresh and pure desi ghee at home rather than buying it from the stores. Prep Time :5 mins Cook Time :45 … Continue reading Make Pure Desi Ghee at home


Easy Homemade Paneer

Easy Homemade Paneer Paneer is also known as cottage cheese.This can be used for many recipes and in many cuisines.Please follow the below steps to make your Easy Homemade Paneer anytime at your home. Ingredients 1L full-fat milk 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 cotton cloth/muslin cloth heavy weight Instructions Bring milk to boil.Add lemon juice and gently stir the milk.Immediately you can see the entire milk begins … Continue reading Easy Homemade Paneer

Mutton Samosa

Mutton Samosa Mutton Samosa is one of the yummiest recipe and easy to prepare for appetizer,potluck or picnic. Preparation Time: 5 mins Cooking Time: 30 mins Total Time:40 min Servings:4 Ingredients Mutton-1kg Onion-1 Green chilies-4-5 Turmeric powder-1tsp Red Chili powder-1tsp Mutton Garam Masala-11/2 tsp Salt-As per taste Cooking oil-1 tbsp Outer Covering Flour(Maida)-2 1/2cups Butter-2 tbsp Baking Powder- a pinch Instructions 1)Put a oil in … Continue reading Mutton Samosa

Nutrela Soyabean Pulao

Nutrela Soyabean Pulao Soyabean is a versatile food not just because of it health benefits but also for its effect on stomach once it is consumed.Nutrela soyabean pulao is a Traditional Indian food is usually high in protein. The protein is needed for building muscle which in turn gives one more strength etc. Soyabean is a great source of protein. Preparation Time: 5 mins Cooking … Continue reading Nutrela Soyabean Pulao

Makki di Roti

Makki di Roti Makki di roti means “bread of corn” in the Punjabi language. Makki di roti is yellow in color. Makki di roti is generally made during the winter-time in Punjab and is perhaps best known when accompanied with Sarson ka saag. Prep time:20 mins Cook time:40 mins Total time:1 hour Serves: 7-8 rotis Ingredients 2 cups maize flour/corn meal Water Oil Salt Instructions 1)Mix all the dry ingredients in a … Continue reading Makki di Roti

Sarson ka saag

Sarson ka saag Sarson ka saag is a popular vegetable dish in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India made from mustard leaves (sarson) and spices.     Prep time: 2 hours Cook time: 2 hours Total time: 4 hours Yield: 2-4 Ingredients 1-2 bunch mustard leaves2 medium sized onions, chopped3 medium sized tomatoes, choppedGinger paste-1 tsp Garlic paste-1 tsp2 green chilies, chopped½ tsp red chili powderPinch of hing/asafoetida2 to 3 cups water2 tbsp … Continue reading Sarson ka saag