Omg! The Best Shrimp Curry Ever!

Shrimp Curry This is the easiest and yummiest shrimp curry with coconut milk.This is a perfect curry for lunch or dinner. Ingredients Oil 2 tbspChopped onions 2 tbspTomato paste 2 tbspGinger-garlic paste tbspDried red chiliescurry leaves 5-6Salt 1/2 tspTamarind paste 1 tspBlack pepper 1 tspCoconut milk 1 cupShredded coconut 2 tbspTurmeric powder 1 tspRed chili powder 1 tspcoriander powder 1 tspcumin powder 1 tsp ,Shrimp-2 … Continue reading Omg! The Best Shrimp Curry Ever!