Gobi Ka Achaar - Cauliflower pickle recipe

Everyone Loves Gobi Ka Achar|Cauliflower Pickle best Recipe

Gobi Ka Achar|Cauliflower pickle recipe Gobi Ka Achar-Cauliflower pickle is really spicy and tangy to eat. I tried to prepare it same way as my grandma used to make it. Ingredients Cauliflower – 1 Salt – 2 tsp Mustard oil – ½ cup White vinegar – 2 tbsp Salt – 2 tsp Mustard powder – 2 tsp (coarsely ground) Fennel seeds – 2 tsp (coarsely … Continue reading Everyone Loves Gobi Ka Achar|Cauliflower Pickle best Recipe

Radish Instant Pickle

Radish Instant pickle “Pickling” is the process of preserving food by anaerobic fermentation and storing it in an acid solution, usually vinegar. The resulting food is called a pickle. This procedure gives the food a salty or sour taste. Pickling began 4000 years ago using cucumbers native to India. It is called “achar” in northern India.India has a large variety of pickles (known as Achar in Punjabi and Hindi, Uppinakaayi in Kannada, Lonacha in Marathi, Oorukai in Tamil, ooragaya in telugu, which are mainly made … Continue reading Radish Instant Pickle